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2018!! C'moooon Down!

Happy New Year to all our KDS old and new!! Firstly we want to say huge thanks to Marina Del Rey County Beaches and Harbor for allowing Kids Dance Society for take over Burton Chace Park on New Years Eve. Apparently 10 thousand happy families turned up causing happy chaos as car lots got full and streets got swamped... However if you made it inside, which I hope you all did you would have enjoyed two of the best DJ sets we've had all year! Kicking off with the superb DJ Kai Song, who killed it as usual, and the incredible Birdee to brought the night to an amazing close and challenged the very fireworks themselves with his stellar set. We couldn't have asked a better way to close the 2017 but not we welcome you all to 2018. Stay tuned for further events, parties, give-aways and the usual KDS craziness. Stay connected for upcoming dates on all our social media pages. Till then... see you on the dance floor.

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