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Our Story

Our innovative clubbing events for both adults and children is a new way to bring families together to dance, inspire, create and share together positive vibes in a community of like spirits, in an environment that is both safe and stimulating for all. Our team transforms beautiful Los Angeles nightclubs and private exclusive venues into a family-friendly daytime dancing event, where children and their adults can listen and dance to electronic dance music, current club music and mixes provided by known and respected DJ's. Kids can see live performances by professional dancers, practice their cool dance moves and experience a nightclub environment in a safe, controlled daytime setting.


Kids Dance Society, founded by parents, Paul and Iskui are committed to promote the love of a different kind of music, to help children to pursue creative endeavors and inspire imagination and expression. Their goal has always been to provide an amazing venue, great music and have fun with the kids dancing and singing along with their friends and families.


"Studies show that music can help children with math and reading and dance sets a foundation for physical health and also furthers self-awareness, boosts their confidence. Art and creativity impact kids' emotional and social lives as well. That is our goal. That is what we want to achieve. Growing up in London I was lucky to be part of a very diverse and creative musical and cultural environment and want to pass on this sense of musical community to our young generation." says co-founders Paul and Iskui. 


 "Although it can be very challenging to find time to connect as a family in today's fast-paced electronic world, however doing so is very important. So lets help boost our kids' self-esteem, enhance social development, and create strong relational bonds." 


Each event is hosted at different and exciting nightclubs throughout Los Angeles. Our events are focused on kids 5-15 years of age, however, all children are welcome when accompanied by an adult. Kids Dance Society will provide the unmatched party atmosphere, our top DJ's will provide the soundtrack but at the end of the day, it's the kids and their families that will make the party, dancing, and creating memories.


Leave your worries behind, join together and lets DANCE!

our team

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